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Terms & Conditons using the Accredited Training Providers Register

Use of the Register is conditional upon the User accepting the Training Provider Disclaimer. Users of the Accredited Training Providers Register should note that the whole procedural aspects of accreditation of a Training Provider are open and transparent and the Accreditation Process sets out the policy, process and philosophy used to accredit providers.

The user of the Register, whether a ‘responsible person’ or a company looking to contract a training provider, should also familiarise themselves with national guideline documents for fire safety awareness training.

Users of the Accredited Training Providers Register are asked to note the following:

• The Institute’s policy document identifies the procedure and process that our assessors follow to determine acceptability of a sufficient standard of course quality and content that the Institute will accredit.

• The User’s contract is with the Training Provider and not with the Institute. The register is a way to set out a basis for assessing the ability to train, but cannot evaluate or assess the suitability of any advice in relation to any particular training session. No agent or employee of the Institute will have been involved in the session and have any knowledge of any client premises or operations for which a Provider prepares training sessions.

• It is the responsibility of the User to evaluate the suitability of any Training Provider for the selected task, whether assessing risk to people, buildings, business continuity or any combination of these. It is also the responsibility of Users to satisfy themselves with regard to the Training Provider’s professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover.

• Use of this site Register is conditional upon the User accepting and confirming the above.