Here is the latest copy of the draft Building Safety Bill which is going through its consultation stages at the moment.  It is different from the draft fire safety bill as it deals with the wider issues from the DJH report dealing directly with building safety and how it is regulated and managed in the future.  A lot of reading and the bill and its systems appear quite complex but I am sure in the months ahead all will be revealed!

Download the draft Building Safety Bill here or view below


Here is the latest update to Approved Document B (Volumes 1 and 2). The changes come into effect on 26th November 2020 in England, they appertain to blocks of flats/apartments and they focus on a reduction in the ‘trigger’ height of the building for sprinklers (18m down to 11m) and also wayfinding signage for firefighters.


Amendments to the Approved Documents (Volume 1 & 2)



We must inform you that we have had numerous complaints from various individuals (not members) stating and giving screen shot evidence, that one of our members is making racist comments and threats.

Firstly, some are stating the individual is employed by us. That is not so. We can confirm most strongly that none of our employees are involved with any of these comments or actions.

We are keeping you in the picture as we have been told by some of these complainants that the social media post has gone ’viral’ so this is just in case you come across them.

We, as a non-political professional body, distance ourselves from any such comments or actions. We can confirm that we will be instigating a full and impartial investigation which will be undertaken under our code of ethics and discipline.

We will also be instructing our staff to pass on all relevant emails we have received to the Derbyshire Constabulary.


David White FIFSM (Life)
President IFSM

The IFSM are currently in production of a customised qualification aimed at providing basic underlying principles which are required prior to undertaking Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs).

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