We must inform you that we have had numerous complaints from various individuals (not members) stating and giving screen shot evidence, that one of our members is making racist comments and threats.

Firstly, some are stating the individual is employed by us. That is not so. We can confirm most strongly that none of our employees are involved with any of these comments or actions.

We are keeping you in the picture as we have been told by some of these complainants that the social media post has gone ’viral’ so this is just in case you come across them.

We, as a non-political professional body, distance ourselves from any such comments or actions. We can confirm that we will be instigating a full and impartial investigation which will be undertaken under our code of ethics and discipline.

We will also be instructing our staff to pass on all relevant emails we have received to the Derbyshire Constabulary.


David White FIFSM (Life)
President IFSM

Please see below a link to the new guidance on returning to work issued by the UK Government.  I am sure it will also be valid or act as a benchmark at some time for members who are working in non UK countries as well.   As we see more sectors returning to work we thought it would be useful to share a link to the government guidance on working safely during the coronavirus pandemic.


There  are eight guides which cover a range of different types of work. Many businesses operate more than one type of workplace, such as an office, factory and fleet of vehicles. You may need to use more than one of these guides as you think through what you need to do to keep people safe.

We are all hopeful that recovery from the pandemic can start soon and thoughts are now turning towards economic revival.

The Fire Sector Federation, who we are a member of, wishes to assist where it can in this process, for example, by working with others to solve any issues by informing or requesting support from government and others.

With this in mind this note has been prepared by the Federation for use both as an aid and a stimulus to all members, and for any comments and ideas that you would wish the Institute and Federation to consider.

Fire Sector Federation Revival Planning

As a Nation we find ourselves in very unfamiliar waters during the current pandemic and as an Institute we have discussed the current situation during our online meetings.

Our thoughts go out to all people involved on the frontline in this situation.

We value our members greatly and without you there would be no organisation to drive our message forward into the future. We are aware that some members may have fallen on difficult times and hardship and we are asking any members who may not be able to pay their fees at present please contact Richard on info@ifsm.org.uk or Bridget on admin@ifsm.org.uk

We aim to defer the payment and will review this month by month for a period of time or until circumstances change.

As an organisation we want to be flexible and supportive to our members and we feel this is the right time to offer that support. Please be assured that all information will be dealt with in confidence.

Again, many thanks for your continued support of the institute, Stay Safe…

Kind Regards

Adrian Simpson
Membership Secretary.


The Government has published the results of the Building a Safer Future consultation and the two outcomes, Response and Economic Impact, can be found at:



I am sure that at this time most of you will be able to find time to read these documents!

The IFSM are currently in production of a customised qualification aimed at providing basic underlying principles which are required prior to undertaking Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs).

See further details here

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