Membership information is detailed in the Institute’s ‘Rules and Regulations for Entry to Grades of Membership’ document which should be read PRIOR to submitting your application form.

Applications for new members & renewal can be made here

Prior to offering membership the Membership committee of the Institute will assess every applicant based on a number of criteria but especially:

  • The educational and academic qualifications relevant to the objectives of the Institute
  • Vocational qualifications and training and
  • Experience Grades are explained in detail in the ‘Rules and Regulations for Entry to Grades of Membership’ document and are noted on the application form.

It is vital that applicants ensure that their application is fully supported by submission of appropriate information and documentation.

The Rules and Regulations for Entry to Grades of Membership document can be downloaded here 

All applications will be processed as quickly as possible by the Membership Committee. Council should be informed of the list of current applicants and recommendations of the Membership Committee in each case.

Each applicant will be informed of the decision of Council by the Chair of the Membership Committee or the Secretary General, in writing, within one calendar month of the decision being made.

In the case of applicants for the Mature Candidate Route, the Secretary General will liaise with the Membership Committee Chairman on how best to proceed and the applicant will be kept informed.

The Rules and Regulations for Entry to Grades of Membership document can be downloaded here

The Institute has decided that the time is right to move to a more professional and competency based fire risk assessors register. There is a need to have one which contains the names of fire risk assessors who are deemed competent, having been through a process which is accredited by an independent nationally recognised accreditation body to provide third party type accreditation / certification, preferably by UKAS.

Yes. The application form and guidance documents, including details of the register can be found here.  View application form here.  View guidance notes here.

Before applying, please ensure that you read the guidance document fully as this will provide the information you will need to help you succeed with your application.

Yes. You need to be a member in a corporate grade i.e. Fellow, Member, Associate or honorary Member

Yes, the Institute operates a course accreditation scheme. Full details can be viewed here

We are always looking for members to get involved. If you think you can help then please use the contact us form.