From January 2020 the Institute introduced a new register for fire risk assessors called TFRAR. The Institute is the first to recognise that to produce competent fire risk assessors to operate at the highest levels in the future, there is a need to create a career pathway for those who aspire to be fire risk assessors. At the same time, we have created awards and a system of examinations and tests which are practically based and form the basis for entry to each level of TFRAR.


To accompany the new register, there is comprehensive set of Guidance Notes together with an online application form and links to our Level 2 Award in the Principles of Fire Risk Assessment page (which is the first step in entering TFRAR at Tier1).


Using the Register

For those responsible persons and duty holders who wish to access the register for the purpose of selecting a fire risk assessor, please ensure you have read the terms and conditions below before viewing any part of the register.  The following Fire Sector Federation documents may also provide guidance to choosing a competent fire risk assessor.

The Tiered Fire Risk Assessor Registers holds details of individuals, including various services they provide, their location and contact details. Individuals using the Register should note that the names of the individuals are shown in alphabetical order.  There is also a map which indicates  the assessors geographical location.

Further searches can be carried out by clicking on the name for their details. People using the Register are reminded to read the terms and conditions provided below prior to entering the Register, the conditions of which must be accepted before proceeding.


View - Tier 1 (Entry Level Register)

Tier 1 is a list of individuals who have made a start at a career in Fire Risk Assessment and  which are sufficient, to enable the completion of Fire Risk Assessments on simple, less complex buildings.  

View - Tier 2 Competent Fire Risk Assessors Register (CFRAR)

Tier 2 is a list of individuals who have been mentored and have completed an examination held by the Institute and have been deemed competent to carry out fire risk assessments on buildings that range from simple and less complex to those that are of medium complexity and normal risk.


View - Tier 3 Nationally Accredited Fire Risk Assessors Register (NAFRAR)

Tier 3 is a list of individuals who are able to carry Fire Risk Assessments on high risk and complex buildings they have registered through a process that has recognised their achievement at the highest standards and levels of competency for fire risk assessors that is available. This means that their experience and competency has been successfully examined and tested by an independent third party accreditation / certification scheme.


Terms & Conditons using the Fire Risk Assessor Register

Important information is contained within this disclaimer, please read the content if you wish to search for a Fire Risk Assessor.  Use of the Register is conditional upon the User accepting the Fire Risk Assessor Search Disclaimer.  Users of the Fire Risk Assessor Register should note that the whole procedural aspects of registration of a Fire Risk Assessor are open and transparent and this document is accessible on the web site. They should read this document to ensure they are familiar with the process and philosophy.

The user of the register, whether a ‘responsible person’ or a company looking to contract fire risk assessors’ should also familiarise themselves with the national guidelines document ‘how to choose a competent fire risk assessor’ which is available on the Technical Documents page of this website.

Users of the Tiered Fire Risk Assessors Register (TFRAR) are asked to note the following:

  • The TFRAR is divided into three tiers reflecting levels of competence and experience. Each Assessor, whose details appear on the Register, has been required to complete an application form, achieve levels of attainment and provide examples, where appropriate of previous work carried out by them in their particular field. At Tier 2, a panel appointed by the Institute will have reviewed samples of the Assessor’s work, carried out an examination of competence and interview with the Assessor and if they show they have achieved the level of competence required, then they are admitted to Tier 2 of the Register. (It should be noted that the Institute does not physically visit premises that Assessors have provided advice on, or to verify the suitability and veracity of work carried out by Assessor. The Assessors at Tier 2 are reviewed every three years and re-certificated every 5 years when site visits are carried out with the Assessor. Tier 3 reflects the highest level of competence in those Assessors who are registered. All Assessors on Tier 3 have been third party certificated by an independent UKAS accredited or Engineering Council certificated body.


  • The User’s contract is with the Assessor and not with the Institute. The register is a way to set out a basis for assessing the ability to advise, but cannot evaluate or assess the suitability of any advice in relation to any particular situation, given that no agent or employee of the Institute will have been involved in any kind of site specific survey nor have any knowledge of any premises or operations in respect of which an Assessor is asked to advise.


  • It is therefore the responsibility of the User to evaluate the suitability of any Assessor for the selected task, whether assessing risk to people, buildings, business continuity or any combination of these. It is also the responsibility of Users to satisfy themselves with regard to the Assessor’s professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover.


  • Use of this site Register is conditional upon the User accepting and confirming the above.