The IFSM Nationally Accredited Fire Risk Assessor’s Register (NAFRAR) is there to aid people who have been designated as ‘responsible persons’ under current fire safety legislation, including employers, building owners, building managers etc. in selecting a competent fire risk assessor to carry out fire risk assessments on their behalf.

Any person using the Register should note that registrants have proved their competency by going through an independently UKAS assessed/certified scheme.

The Fire Risk Assessor Register holds details of individuals, including various services they provide, their location and contact details. Individuals using the Register should note that the names of the individuals are shown in alphabetical order.  There is also a map which indicates  the assessors geographical location.

Further searches can be carried out by clicking on the name for their details. People using the Register are reminded to read the terms and conditions provided below prior to entering the Register, the conditions of which must be accepted before proceeding.

Terms & Conditons using the Fire Risk Assessor Register

  • Any Fire Risk Assessor whose details appear on the Fire Risk Assessor Register has completed an application form which has been rigorously scrutinised by two internal and one external assessor. A formal random check has also been made on the Assessor’s past work within a list of assessments that he/she has carried out already.
  • Users of the Fire Risk Assessor Register should note that the whole procedural aspects of registration of an Fire Risk Assessor are open and transparent and this document is accessible on the web site. They should read this document to ensure they are familiar with the process and philosophy.
  • Any contract that a User sets up with a Fire Risk Assessor will be strictly between the two parties and not with the Institute. The Institute seeks to provide a Fire Risk Assessor register as a service to both Assessors and Users but is unable to evaluate or assess any advice that is given by an Assessor to any specific user. The Institute is also unable to be involved in any kind of site survey nor have any knowledge of any premises or operations in respect of which an Assessor is asked to advise.
  • It is therefore the responsibility of the User to evaluate the suitability of any Assessor for any selected task or contract.
    Fire Risk Assessors are asked to provide proof of professional indemnity insurance cover at the time of registration but Users are advised to satisfy themselves that such liability cover is still valid and up to date.
  • Use of the Register is conditional upon the user accepting these terms and conditions.