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BOLDER, Antony (NAFRAR N0163)


Prism Fire Risk Management Ltd.
65-68 Witham


01482 968 052


07807 652 486


[email protected]



Certification scheme

Warrington Certification Ltd FRACS Individual Scheme No: FRA067


A lengthy and successful 27 year fire service career, built on the foundation of delivering excellent public service, Tony has now transferred those same  key  elements into private business.

Since July 2014 Prism Fire Risk Management Ltd is fundamental in providing the same level of service to its clients, specialising in many elements of fire risk management.

Active networking has created a resonance whereby quality of work has resulted in the majority of current clients contracted on recommendation. Extensive sector knowledge together with personal qualities and attributes has resulted in business excellence and delivery.

In pursuit of maintaining easy yet effective compliance, the introduction of the `prism portal` provides FSO Article 17 fire safety recording dashboards online. Specific to the requirements of United Kingdom legislation, each dashboard is address unique and caters for all aspects of regulations and certifications.

Taking the compliance safety further, LandlordsFSO Ltd was launched early October 2017 to assist with fire safety management of HMOs and blocks of flats. It is a unique platform for the management of 1 to 150 plus properties, for use by single landlords or property management companies/lettings agents.

Tony is currently working nationally with clients across England and is a national speaker on fire safety with the Property Investors Network . He has appeared on local and national BBC programmes together with Sky News and CNN International.