The Nationally Accredited Fire Risk Assessors Register (NAFRAR) has been introduced by the Institute to ensure that those assessors who are eligible to register must have been through a process that has recognised their achievement at the highest standards and levels of competency for fire risk assessors that is available. This means that their experience and competency has been successfully examined and tested by an independent third party accreditation / certification scheme.

People using the register are reminded to read the terms & conditions provided prior to entering the register, the conditions of which you must accept before proceeding.


Note:  Those wishing to apply for registration on NAFRAR should first read the Guidance Notes before completing the NAFRAR Application Form.


Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions before viewing the Risk Assessors Register.

Currently, there are two schemes providing third party accreditation which are accepted by NAFRAR.  The first is the Warrington Certification Ltd. FRACS scheme and the second is the BAFE SP 205 Scheme.The FRACS scheme accommodates both individuals and companies who wish their fire risk assessors to be individually certified as competent. There are two FRACS schemes available, one for individuals and one for companies who offer fire risk assessments.

Information, application fees and application forms are available from the Warrington Certification website or enquiries about applications should go directly to:

BAFE SP 205 has two schemes, one for a ‘company’ employing a number of fire risk assessors and the other, a new scheme, directly focussed on fire risk assessors who are sole traders (as their own registered company). For the former IFSM members who are looking for a UKAS accredited scheme to certificate their company’s activities, the BAFE scheme SP205 is one which can be considered. There are 3 Certification Bodies delivering this scheme (NSI, SSAIB and Elecsa/Certsure) and they will each have a scale of charges, dependant on the work required.

Members should remember that NAFRAR is a scheme for individual assessors who have proved their own competence. This can be done through the BAFE SP205 ‘company’ scheme either by a person being a ‘Nominated Person’ for an organisation applying for the scheme or as an individual tested as a ‘Validator’ under the scheme. At the present time, the scheme does not issue certificates of competence to individuals but the Institute will accept written proof from any of the certification bodies that a named individual has been tested for his/her competence as a Validator or Nominated Person.

For the latter, once certified, the member can apply directly for entry onto NAFRAR. See here for details to BSAFE for this new part of the scheme.


Key points of SP205

  • This scheme has been developed to help the building ‘Responsible person’ meet the requirements for Fire Risk Assessments under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order2005
  • SP205 certificated Companies must have appropriate technical and quality management capabilities.
  • It is designed to accommodate organisations of every size


For more information go to the BAFE website: or contact us at